Each college ring is produced one at a time to the exact specifications ordered by each customer. Rings are never manufactured in advance and “pulled off the shelf’. This means that rings are made specifically for one unique customer; the ring is as individual as the person who wears it.

All of our rings are manufactured by the precision die induction method, also known as the “lost wax method”. Simply put, a precise wax model of each individual 1ing is produced and then cast as one piece. This superior “single piece” construction ensures true base and shank alignment as well as enhanced durability when compared to a ring in which the base is soldered to the shanks. Over time, solder can weaken and break down leaving unsightly cracks and fissures in a ring. Our rings are meant to last a lifetime, and with proper care it will.

Unmatched by others in the industry, is our wide selection of genuine and synthetic stones. Each stone is inspected to meet exacting tolerances for color, hardness and consistency. It is then handset by experienced artisans to ensure the best fit possible as opposed to machine setting, which can distort alignment. In addition, our ring finishes are not coated or painted, but are electrolytically bonded to the surface of the ring. Therefore the highlights used to bring out the exquisite detail of the ring are not subject to flaking, peeling or wear from hand washing or chemical contact. In addition, unlike most ring manufacturers, ours does not “mass finish” any of our rings. Our rings are hand-rubbed and inspected to verify adherence to quality guidelines. From beginning to end, each ring receives the ultimate attention to detail and quality.




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To view and order your custom school specific ring, please visit: collegerings.herffjones.com

or contact Partnership Sales, LLC at info@partnershipsalesllc.com or 205-408-0202 to learn more.