Customizable Certificate Covers to Recognize Achievements

Partnership Sales, LLC has been helping universities, colleges, schools, organizations and companies recognize stellar performers with custom-made certificate covers for over 15 years. We have the ability and expertise to die engrave, foil stamp, print, etch or blind emboss your certificate covers. Best of all, our affordable price points and customer service are second to none.


Customize everything on your cover from the exterior color and materials to the interior fabric lining color and texture. You can choose from 4 ribbon corners to hold a single document to 8 ribbon corners to hold two documents.


Our quality certificate and diploma covers, varied options for printing, etching and embossing, as well as our custom artwork specialists are unparalleled in the industry. Discover firsthand how our superior products, fast and courteous service and sensible pricing keep customers returning to Partnership Sales time and again.


Contact Partnership Sales, LLC at or 205-408-0202 to learn more or click custom quote for a second opinion.


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