Custom Academic Regalia

Custom Academic Regalia is a recognizable tradition which many colleges and universities have adopted. Our manufacturer, for over 95 years have been helping establish unique designs for many colleges and universities across the nation. We offer many options to distinguish yourself, and your school, from all others. Choose to design your gown in your university colors and add accent with braid trim, a monogram, a crest or patch of your school seal. Partnership Sales, LLC has the expertise with helping design Custom Academic Regalia for university Presidents, Trustees, and Faculty. The possibilities are endless with custom design Regalia!


Now more than ever, professors with Doctoral and Masters Degrees have reasons to purchase their academic wardrobes. Special events requiring official regalia are increasing and owning your own personalized apparel for such occasions not only makes sense, but also brings added prestige and recognition to both you and your event. Your custom designed gown states dramatically and indisputably that you hold a degree from one of the most distinguished universities in the world.


Owning your own apparel is not only economical – after several occasions, the regalia will pay for itself – it is also convenient – minimizing time spent repeatedly ordering regalia.


All academic apparel tailored by our manufacturer is in accordance with the Inter-Collegiate Code as authorized by the American Council on Education.




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