Cap & Gown Rental

Custom ClassRental™ Program

Combining the gold standard in sustainability with school specific details, the Custom ClassRental™ Program offers students the very best. This, our most prestigious gown, allows graduates to matriculate in gowns that are manufactured exclusively for universities. With the best custom rental program in the country, we serve many universities. We use the highest quality fabrics and materials, with attention to the smallest details, and allow you to select caps and gowns customized with your seal and colors.

EarthGrad™ Custom Rental Program

The newest, exclusive sustainable rental gown option, EarthGrad™ is customizable and certified as being made from 100% recycled materials. Being the first of its kind in the industry, one EarthGrad™ rental academic gown will save 74
post-consumer waste plastic bottles from the landfill. It will even mitigate effects of Global Warming by using fewer than 3.9 lbs. of CO2 emissions or greenhouse gas. One gown will also save the energy equivalent to 1.25 gallons of gas. As an eco-friendly material, EarthGrad™ is composed of an elegant, comfortable, soft woven material and has a matte finish.

ClassRental™ Program

In operation for more than 80 years, this program was developed to provide high-quality gowns to graduates. ClassRental™ gowns are created with the same attention to detail as our custom apparel. The gold standard for sustainable cap and gown programs, the ClassRental™ gowns are produced once, and reused by each graduating class. They are sized in one-inch increments, assuring a better fit while our inventory of nearly one million gowns offers an always accurate size availability. Gowns are distributed in prime condition and collected after each ceremony at a convenient, predetermined time and place.

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