Cap & Gown Keeper

Renew™ Custom ClassKeeper™


Our Custom ClassKeeper gowns are certified as being produced from 100% recycled materials. Each Renew™ gown saves 29 post-consumer waste plastic bottles from the landfill! Every Renew™ gown saves the energy equivalent of 1/2 gallon of gas; consumes 2.1 liters less drinking water; and decreases the effects of global warming through 1.5 lbs. fewer CO2 emissions or greenhouse gas. As an eco-friendly material, Renew™ has a soft hand and is a lightweight polyester fabric. Our manufacturer can provide recycle bins for the University to place strategically around campus for responsible removal.


Custom ClassKeeper™ Program


The ClassKeeper™ Program provides your graduate with a keepsake of graduation day. Compared to gowns from other companies, our ClassKeeper™ gowns are sized in two-inch increments (not three-inch or four-inch) and are three to six inches fuller in girth to allow a more comfortable fit. Extra-large yoke gowns are available at no extra charge. Gowns are available in Shiny Premier or Matte Graduate fabrics for ready-to-wear freedom.

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